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Friday, June 1, 2018

Surprised Some Statistics

The statistics are very humorous and scary one thing to many. Many of those who have studied in college or university have been sweating. But with the help of this statistic, we will present some numerical information that will remove some attitude towards your statistics. There are many interesting topics in this world that we can present on the basis of numbers.
Let's look at some information that will help you to learn something new and love will also be made to the statistics.

1. Milky Way stars versus Earth's tree

In childhood, we have read thousands in the sky, millions of millions, millions of crores of stars. In fact, it is true that scientists have a tireless work that we know about 400 billion in the Milky Way Galaxy! Numerically this amount is very much. But do we know how many trees we have in this world? Many environmentalists, volunteers, students were involved in the difficulties of finding the number of trees in conjunction with scientists, and through these efforts we know that there are about 3 trillion trees in this world! What is shocking information? But there is an alarming fact that 15 billion trees are cut every year, which is the cause of scientists' thought. Scientists and environmentalists have started working together to keep the environment balance.

2. The lowest percentage of children in Germany is in Germany

In Germany, only 12 percent of the total population is below 14 years. Lakhs of total population hold 25 percent to 54 people, about 40 percent of the population They are mainly engaged in productive work of the country. So much so that in Germany now the productive population. On the other hand, in Kenya, the figure of 14 years of childbirth is 40 percent of the total population. But after a few years maybe the picture of Germany could be like Kenya! Do you know that the number of people 25-54 years in Bangladesh is about 40 percent and on the other hand 27 percent of the people below 14 years.

3. Mary and James are the most commonly used names

The name of Mary and James in the movie or TV series is very familiar to us. According to statistics, Mary and James are the most popular names for parents in the last century. Between 1917 and 2016, James has been named 5 billion boys and 3.5 million girls have been named Mary. If we give Mary-James gold medal to the Olympics, then the silver medal will be awarded to John-Patricia, then the names of Robert-Jennifer will be bronze medal. So think of what you can do in the names of popular names in our country!

4. Another name for China is "Golden Republic"

Can you imagine something from the Golden Republic? The reason for such anonymity in China is the production of gold every year. As a result, 440 tons of gold was lifted each year in China. Many foreign foreign companies are investing in these gold mining and so much gold is being lifted and China's economic development is also happening. This contribution of gold to China's economy has really turned China into the Golden Republic.

5. Hello m. Anderson

Suppose you went to Sweden and came next to everyone who is talking about Anderson's name. Nah, I'm not saying that, you can read in such a situation. Because the highest number of people in Sweden are Anderson, about 2,40,000 people. Besides, Johannes and Carlson are also the descendants of many people. People named Karlson are about 200,000 people. So you go to Sweden, "Hello Mr. Anderson "can surprise you.

6. 22 multiplied population growth

Did you know, the population of the world has increased by 22 times in the last millennium! On July 1, 1000, the population of the world was 275 million. In 2000, the population grew to 6 billion people and now around 7 billion people live on the planet. The rate at which the population is increasing in 3000 AD, where the population will stand, it is the main concern for us. That's why birth control, utilization of resources and the use of renewable resources have become important.

7. The whole world walk four and a half times

Did you know that you can walk around the world four times a day, as you walk all the way! What is the surprise? Statistics show that a person walks 7500 steps per day on average. Researchers calculate the average life expectancy of people over 80 years, that a man walks 110,000 miles in a lifetime, which is equivalent to traveling around the world four times more. If you are late please start walking, but not once four times you can shake the whole world.

8. Daily 270 minutes televised

Television is a very popular entertainment medium in Bangladesh. Can you tell which country's people spend most of the time on television? It is astonishing to hear that the world's most powerful states are watching the television for a fifth time of the day. It has been estimated that around an average of 270 minutes per day they watch television. So much movie, it is unusual to watch an American television not just for TV series. After the United States, the Poland Television also shows that they are watching television. Do you think Bangladesh shows the television behind?

9. The day that most of the birth is born

Well, what bar was your birth date? Thursday or not? Why are you saying that I'm a bit more likely to spell it out. Research has shown that on Thursday more people were born, about 18 percent of people were born. Then on Tuesday, about 14 percent of the population was born. Wednesday is close to 14 percent in third place. What can be born at least at any time?

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