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Friday, June 1, 2018

Second Jallianwala Bagh massacre: The cruel history of communal riots

Time is 1927. India has ended the non-cooperation movement for five years. The Non-Cooperation Movement, which was a milestone of Hindu-Muslim unity, believed that hope would play a role in the hope of joint co-existence of Indian people. But the sub-continent's classical crisis and the storm is like a storm? Today, in today's progressive independence, the problem of communal tension is bogged down, the problem arises in the sub-land of that place, it is nasty.

Today, we will know the tragic history of communal riots called 'Ponabaliya killings' which took place in Kulkathi of Nalchiti upazila of Jhalakathi district of Bangladesh.

Shivamandir was located in Ponbaliya, in Nalchiti upazila of Jhalakathi district, among the 52 Hindus of the Hindu community, third among the pilgrims.

A mosque built in 1926 near the Shivmandir.

March 2, 1927 A group of Hindu pilgrims, led by Satyagraha movement's warrior Satyendranath, were going to Shivamandira playing kirtan at the rayarai.
Eventually, the Musulirs were preparing for the mosque prayers. In the words of the Hindus' Dhak-drum, the musalli's prayers were interrupted. In order to solve the problem, a group of Muslims led by Imam of Kulkati Mosque urged Hindus to stop singing. When the Hindus rejected the request, the situation started to get hot. The pilgrims gathered together in the steadfast commitment of pilgrimage to Shiva temple. The excited Muslims are determined to counter the commitment of Hindus to stand up.
As a result, the two sides were sporadically clashed. Before identifying the incident, Satyendranath had provided some Hindu volunteers so that they could get the necessary support to deal with the emergence of inferiority complex. Basically, the chaotic situation arises in the direct and indirect provocation of Sathindranath. Clever Sathindranath is the district magistrate E. N. Blondie was notified about this. When the situation reached the extreme stage, N Blandi Sasaini reached the spot with the district superintendent of police. The uneducated Muslims try to persuade Blind with the intention of not speaking English, and they try to mean that if they can not perform their prayers continuously, they will consider it as the best of death. The educated Hindus were able to convince the English forces with its wrong interpretation that, If the soldiers are coming one more foot, they will be slaughtered. District magistrate Blundi ordered gunshots on Muslims after being hypnotized by the lies of the Hindus. At least 20 innocent Musuli were killed on the spot, nearly hundred were injured.
News of the killing spreads in the light of electricity. British-Indian media reported that the assassination was carried out seriously, Blondie was found guilty of being morally convicted.
The monthly Saogat called it the second murder of 'Jallianwala Bagh'.

Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Huq flew from Calcutta after receiving information about the killing of Ponabalia in Barisal. He organized a protest meeting in Barisal. Blondie is called 'Bloody'. In anger, he also said,

"Blondi's name will be cut short by scouring nightclub, but his punishment will be reduced"

He was so frenetic when he pressed his hand at the table and crushed the table with his thump. Sher-e-Bangla filed a case against the killers and took over the management and won the government against them.
He made a harmonious agreement at that time, so that no communal riots took place in whole of Barisal before partition. The treaty is known as the Barisal Treaty in History.

In the case of the defeat, the English government paid compensation to the dead, rebuilt the mosque and Blindy sought unconditional apology on the incident. To keep the memory of the dead, Kulkati High School was converted into 'Kulkati Shahidia Union Academy'. On March 2, Kulkati kill day was celebrated.

Kollkati killings make the British Muslims aware about the existence of Muslims. This incident made the whole Muslim group aware of the possible consequences of British rule.

Photograph: Voice 71, grimtravelers

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