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Friday, June 1, 2018

Rainbow Warrior - forgotten history of international conspiracy

GreenPeace is an international voluntary organization whose main objective is to work for the purpose of protecting the peace and environment of the world. In 1971, the journey with a small ship and some volunteers took place in Greenpeace. One of the main goals of the organization is to identify the culprits responsible for environmental pollution. Naturally, in their attempt, there was a lot of voices against corporations and the country. Greenpeace has a huge role in bringing justice to any person or organization that is harming the environment on the basis of environmental law. " When the last tree is cut, the last river is poisoned, and the last fish is dead, we will find that we can not eat money""When the last tree is cut down on the earth, the last river will be destroyed, the last fish will die - only then will we realize that the money is not as food.) The key point of Greenpeace is clearly outlined. Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior ship's name (in Rainbow in Warrior ) . Currently the third edition of Rainbow Warrior is circulating in the world's oceans.

The first Rainbow Warrior 1978-85 until the Greenpeace flagship. The ship used to be used in the movement against whale hunting, nuclear testing, and environmental pollution through direct sight. In 1985 Rainbow Warrior  was about to travel to Mururia Island to prevent France's nuclear tests on the chest of the Pacific Ocean.  

But before that  Rainbow Warrior is the victim of the ugly ways of international politics. On July 10 of that year, a team of French Defense Force, Rainbow Warrior,  set up an explosive and sunk it. The operation was named "Operation Satanique". Operation was conducted by the French intelligence agency  DGSE at New Zealand's Auckland Seaport.

Rainbow Warrior Neon light neon aloy
Rainbow Warrior bombing photographer Feranando Pereira killed

Rainbow Warrior was kept open for tourists while in Auckland Harbor . In this opportunity, two French spy ships visit and collect information. The Lieutenant Christine Cabin collects necessary information on the communication system, travel map and sinking of the ship . After collecting the information, two other spy dive equipment took place under Rainbow Warrior . Jack Camerie and Allen Tunnell set up two limp mines separately under the rainforests of Rainbow Warrior . Two explosions were organized in 10 minutes to provide enough time to transfer the sailors to the ship. Photographer Feranando Pereira died on the following blast in the second blast. Four minutes after the second explosionRainbow Warrior is partially submerged and is inaccessible to use .

France aimed at eliminating any type of casualty. But due to the embarrassing accident of Feronando Pereira dead, New Zealand's friendly state France fell into some danger. Initially they released a statement condemning the attack as everyone else. In the statement from the French Embassy of New Zealand, "the French government is not favoring such behavior with the opponent." The biggest investigation in New Zealand's history is in the moment. In spite of being able to flee to the campaign, almost all of them escaped from the French spy in 30 hours. According to a Swiss passport-based spy's statement, the crime of France is proven. From New York, the New Zealand government began to describe the incident as a "contempt of international law" instead of "terrorist attacks".

An investigation committee headed by Bernard Trakt claims France was innocent and "only the Greenpeace surveillance" was the motive of the spies. The Times , however,  was leaked to the news that this campaign was done with permission from French President Mitterland. As soon as the news is published, this hateful attack proves the highest level of involvement of the French government. The resignation was dismissed by French Defense Minister Charles Herenu and chief of the detective agency  DGSE Pierre Lacoste. In a statement issued by French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius on September 22 that year, he acknowledged that the French spy took the program to drown Rainbow Warrior by military command . The main objective of this operation was to suspend the activities of the Greenpeace to prevent nuclear testing.

They were given 10-year rigorous imprisonment as proved by allegations of manslaughter against French spy detained in the New Zealand court. But then begins the new game! France continued to pressurize New Zealand to release the convicts. Even if they are not released, the European Economic Community will be imposed on them by economic sanctions - such threats are also given! New Zealand is in danger When this ban came into effect, they became economically lame because a large part of their economy was dependent on exporting agricultural products in the United Kingdom.

Rainbow Warrior Neon light neon aloy
Five days after the bomb attack, a photo taken from Auckland port, Rainbow Warrior

At one point, New Zealand was forced to compromise. The agreement between the United Nations Secretary-General Javier Perez de Chuelre was signed between France and New Zealand. It was mentioned in the agreement - the government of New Zealand government 6 Will pay $ 5 million as compensation and will apologize for illegally attacking New Zealand's sovereign territory. In return, New Zealand will hand over the detainees to France, and the two convicted defendants will be sentenced to at least 3 years in the military air force of Hao Atul. Under the agreement, in 1988, New Zealand handed over the prisoners to France. But France broke the agreement The two detainees were supposed to be sentenced to three years in Hao Atul, but before they came out with treatment, French government brought them out. Of these, Alain joined the French army and was promoted to Colonel in 1993. Another prisoner, Dominic Priu, came out of Atol before the scheduled time and joined his old job and later promoted.

In international politics, France was able to survive completely - it is not so. This campaign was one of the worst punishments in the history of their intelligence detective. The purpose for which they drowned Rainbow Warrior was that they became boomerang. While Rainbow Warri turned out to be an impoverished ship, on behalf of him many new civilian tourists from New Zealand left the sea to protest against France's nuclear tests, which resulted in France being forced to close that test. In addition, the government of France repaid the loss of Greenpeace in 1987, paying the amount of 8.16 million dollars in 1987, France government compensates Pereira's family and life insurance company as well as compensation to 2.2 million Francs in a bomb attack.

New Zealand's Foreign and Defense policy has been radically changed in the form of neglect of Western nations. New Zealand has relaxed relations with the United States and the United Kingdom Instead, New Zealand began to stress on the small country of the Pacific Ocean and the relationship with neighboring Australia.

If the whole incident is reviewed, it can be said that by conspiring perhaps the finance and power of the French government got away from the trial. But ultimately the people of good faith did not succeed in standing up against their mischief. Nonetheless, France's anti-superstition behavior with New Zealand New Zealand would remain a black mark in the history of international diplomacy

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