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Friday, June 1, 2018

Pablo Escobar: Blindness and self-restraint

In a very cold room, there is no wood in the fireplace. At that time the girl said to her father, "My father is very cold, my trouble is my".

What can a father do at this time? Let's think a little bit. Many things can do to ease the pain of the girl. But what this father did was far beyond the idea of ​​all of us. He wanted to set fire to the fireplace to heat the room, but did not get wood to set fire to it. Without getting wood, a fire money bundle was set on fire and gave it to the fireplace. I do not even think of buying clothes because it will take time. For the light of the trouble of the girl burned in the fire of two million US dollars!

Cocaine Emperor Pablo

In order to protect the girl from a little cold, the man burned so many money, this man killed in his 45 years of life, three presidential candidates in Colombia, two hundred judges, one thousand policemen and four thousand people.
Yes, I was talking about the 80th Cocaine Emperor Pablo Escobar. From 1987 to 1993, there was a continuous 'Forbes' Magazine's International List of Billionaires, which used to supply 15 tons of cocaine per day in USA, this is Pablo Escobar.

Full name Pablo Emilio Escobar Garavia. His father, Abel del Jisus, was born in December 1949 in the house of teacher Eskbar and teacher Harmilda Garaviya in Rionigrod, Colombia. Pablo was among the parents of seven children, Pablo was third. I used to dream two dreams in my childhood, in 22 years Millionaire will be and one day Colombia will be the President of Colombia. The fulfillment of the first dream was not delayed, at the age of 26, the billions were in Qatar. The mission of fulfilling the second dream is to start the journey of life.

Pablo with family

Mischief entered the world through a stealer. It is said that he had stolen stone from the graveyard and sold it to smugglers. But his only son, Juan Pablo Escobar (now known as Sebastian Manocuin), said that his father's abduction was initiated through the sale of the university's counterfeit certificate. At the young age, he also served as the bodyguard of terrorists.

Once a trader of Medellin was kidnapped by a trader, he got $ 100,000. I used to use the money. Pablo's thinking was far-reaching. Cocaine found the potential of profits in the business. Noteworthy, Colombia was the best way to smuggle cocaine due to geographical location. Colombia is one of the largest markets in Peru, Bolivia and Cocaine.

Pablo sits on this geographical location and opens the kingdom of cocaine. The then Mafia family formed the 'Medellin Cartel' with Ochoa Brothers. In the mid-70's, Medellin Cartel began to reign in the Kingdom of Koken. 'Madeleine Cartel's work was to produce cocoa in Bolivia, preparing cocaine in its own factory in Colombia and trafficking in cocaine USA in their own vehicles.

At first, the cocaine was used in the aircraft tires, in the USA. At one time, the truck's wheel was being sent to the ship to increase the shipment. Business has grown so much that Pablo has started using two submarines to trafficking. Brother Roberto Escobar kept all the money and business accounts. According to the information provided by him, the value of the wealth of the publisher was worth 30 billion US dollars. Every month, for the bundle of money, it would cost $ 2500 only to buy a rubber band. Fond of Pablo lived in a palace on 7000 acres of land, where there were mini zoos. There were giraffes, hippies, elephants, and many other animals in the zoo. After the death of Pablo, the Zoo comes with 142 planes, 20 helicopters, 32 processionists and 141 home-office zoos. The zoo is still running.

A house residing in Pablo

The emperor of the Caucasian Empire Pablo Escobar was known to the poor as 'RobinHood'. Pablo was the founder of Medellin's many hospitals, schools. Helped about 12 soccer teams financially. The poor people were free to finance. As a result, he soon became popular with the people.

His popularity was so fierce that in 1982 he became a member of the Congress. I was heading towards becoming president. The Colombian Law Minister Rodrigo Lara Bennela was barred He also highlighted his connection with the publisher's source of income and various misdeeds in front of the Colombian Congress. As a result, in two years of receiving membership, Pablo was forced to leave Congress, the dream of becoming president ended. However, it was not too late to take revenge, Rodrigo was killed in Bogotá within a few days by Evan Dario, the hired killer murderer of Pablo.

In 1975, Pablo was arrested while coming out with a great deal of cocaine (39 pounds) from Ecuador. Failure to bribe judges, the police officer who was involved in this case by killing Pablo, Then the case was lifted. From this incident Pablo started applying new techniques. His philosophy for the judge, the judge, was the same - "plata o plomo", which means silver (bribe) or lead (s).

In the new philosophy, Poblos are moved to revitalize the Kokeyan state's thorns. Police officers, judges, civil servants including ordinary people were murdered one after another A bomb exploded in Pablo on a plane to kill an information donor, almost a hundred people died. Due to this assassination, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has announced extradition by marking the top target in Pablo. Extradition is a law applied to drug traffickers, which allows criminals to be sentenced to life imprisonment in the USA. Do this

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