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Friday, June 1, 2018

History is a strange battle!

Man's struggle for power, greed of money, and blindness of superiority has led to numerous battles since the beginning of the commemoration, because of many destruction and death. One war has changed the course of history. Today we will talk about some of the weird battles. Wars have been ranked as "diverse" on the pages of history for various reasons.

10. Canada-Croatia

In this war, Canada wins only 1% of the troops in Croatia, without any serious damage!
After the fall of Yugoslavia in 1991, the conflict between New Croatia and the Serbian government began. Seeing the horrors of the war, 900 Canadian soldiers were sent to the United Nations as peacekeepers.

At one moment of conflict with the Serbian government, a group of 2500 soldiers of New Croatia attacked the Canadian army. Canadian soldiers were very well-educated and skilled, equipped with modern weapons. They lost the Croatian very easy. 27 people were killed and 87 injured in Croatian. On the other hand, there are no casualties in Canadian soldiers!
The then Prime Minister of Canada John Critin banned the publication of the incident. It is believed that this ban was issued to maintain the peaceful image of its administration. After 9 years of the incident, it was published through news.


Anglo-Zanzibar War The shortest war in the history of Balahah is just 38 minutes. Zanzibar is the Tanzanian Islands located in the eastern part of Africa.
The war of 1896 began on August 25, when the then Sultan Hamad bin Thuaini died. Khalid bin Barghas took charge as a new sultan. But the British chose another heir. They gave the sultan time till 9am on 27th day, even five warships ready, if their order was disobeyed, for use.
And it happened, the Sultan refused the order and the British started to destroy its prasad, more than 500 janjibari died in just 38 minutes. Khalid fled to East Africa for a long time.

8. America - Van Jant

Van Zant, a small division of America, after the end of the civil war, American people are preparing to form USA, but Van Jant was interested in forming his own state from USA. They even made their own independence. They declare war with America. The American became angry and sent some soldiers. But American soldiers could not raise anything in Van Jant's thick forest area. Van Jant won the fight.
But their biggest mistake was that they started celebrating the victory after the fight. In this opportunity, more American soldiers came and arrested them.

7. Japan - Russia

Near the end of World War II, Russia suddenly announced war with Japan. Russia attacks on three places in China from their occupied areas. The date was 8th of August. Suddenly the Japanese got scared by this attack.
Russian soldiers run out of Japanese in China But they did not stop, they also attacked the Japanese land alongside Korea, Stalin's soldiers. Stalin wanted to occupy the land as much as possible before the end of World War II.

More than 12,000 Japanese soldiers were killed in this three-week war. Meanwhile, Japan is weak in America's nuclear bomb attacks. Finally they surrender. The second world war ended, but this fight fell apart. Yet experts believe that Russia's indirect contributions to Japan's surrender

6. Netherlands - Isles of Scilly

Some islands in England's south-western region are called Isles of Scilly. Oliver Cornwell, the English Civil War almost won Oliver's parliamentarian forced the British royalists to flee to the islands of 16 square kilometers. Because of the solidarity of the Netherlands with the Ralist, they declare war in Isles of Scilly.
The Dutch Navy wants their wealth after reaching the Sieley. But without getting any answers and understanding that they will lose, the Dutch Navy goes back. Later the Netherlands forgot about this. But in 1986, a Sillian historian pointed out that according to the rules the Netherlands is still in the war with Sili, but the news of the news send the Netherlands peace agreement.
This war was going on for 335 years.

5. Switzerland - Switzerland

A strange war, how can the same country fight itself with war? On such a peaceful country, which has not been in any war with any other country since 1815. But the matter is different.
In the nineteenth century, Switzerland was not a country, but it was divided into many connected areas. If all these areas are willing to form Switzerland, 7 Catholic areas express disagreement. But oddly, they themselves began to form a state. This new state, Sondorbund, was formed in 1847.
But the rest of Switzerland did not accept this new Catholic state, so they announced war. It's not like S√łnderbund can declare war in Switzerland, so they seek help from Austria and France. But there is no help.
The Swiss army forced 20,000 soldiers to accept the defeat of Sondorbund.

4. America - Mormon

Moromars are a religious group, who are reputed for peaceful and useful reasons. But they were so aggressive at one time that they also fought with the US Army. Their polygamous lifestyle does not match the USA, they do not see themselves

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