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Friday, June 1, 2018

Gun atrocities and America

When we hear the name of the United States, the picture of a dreamy country developed in our mind, where there are unexpected opportunities to fulfill dreams. But in the midst of this dream world, there is a death sentence called gun. Americans love their guns and love with everything else, which they have to pay for the death of thousands of people every year.

On February 15, a gunman shot into a school in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 people and wounding 12 in an accidental shooting. Protests against thousands of students across the United States have exploded in the protest. They are demanding the administration to take steps to stop the violation of the songs by going out of the class, which they aim to achieve.

On November 5, 2017, a person was killed in a Surdreland church, and 28 people were killed and 21 wounded.

In the same year, in October of the same year in Texas, a person was shot dead in a concert in Las Vegas, killing 58 people and injuring more than a hundred people.

The above three attacks will certainly be ranked as one of the darkest parts of any country, but in spite of sorrow, for true Americans it is just another event like the events of the many atrocities committed in their country.

Since 1982, there have been 90 such shooting cases in the United States, where the gunman killed innocent people by launching firearms. Among the gunmen, there are also people aged 11 and 66 years old. Most of these gunmen were also killed in killing innocent people.

64 percent of all the murders in the United States are made by guns. In 2016, 11,000 people died in the country's brutal atrocities. In the previous year, this number is also near.
Shooting in 59 schools in 2015 has happened. Gunmen murdered on innocent school teachers in many schools every year. Many innocent lives die.
To say that there is never so much violence in any other developed world, in many countries.
After knowing these facts, America seems more like a death than a dream state.

Let's look briefly, why a country like the United States of America is not able to suppress the violin of their country after year.

Constitution and politics

The second amendment to the American Constitution states that every citizen of the state has the right to collect and carry guns at his own will. With the approval of this amendment of the constitution, constitutional politicians never support the bill to limit the purchase of guns. The excuse is always shown that carrying a gun is a constitutional right and which can not be reduced. It is further argued that if guns are available to everyone, then people will be able to protect themselves at the moment of danger, resulting in the society becoming more secure. This does not pass bill in Congress year after year. As a result, anyone who has full legal scope can buy as much gun as you want. As a result of guns abundance in human hands, the incidents of atrocities are very high.


As already mentioned, there is no legal barrier in America to buy guns. As a result, lots of guns were sold and sold in America. The minimum background of the buyer is also verified when buying them. As a result, buying guns is very easy. Except for a stigma, a mental patient, anyone above 18 years of age can easily purchase guns. The price is relatively less. Good quality handgance price is only $ 200 and the assault rifle is available for only $ 1500, which is similar to the price of many electronic gadgets!

Due to availability, there are 88 guns per 100 people in America. This number is more than the number of guns in any advanced state, including Britain, Canada. There is a legitimate gun of 260 million civilian ownership in the United States. It is easy to understand why there is so much more violence in the US than in the United States.

Fire Arms Industry and Lobbyist Group

It is possible to understand that since there is a legality and demand of the gun in the country, there is also a provider to supply the load. And these providers are big guns manufacturers and marketing companies. Who make billions of dollars a year in gun business. Every year approximately $ 13.5 billion of revenues are available from the American Music Industry. These institutions never want the government to impose strict restrictions on gun purchases. So they donate lots of money in the election camps of the polytechnics on condition that they will not vote in the control control bill or they will not support song control when they are in power. Such an influential lobbyist group is the National Rifle Association (NRA). Founded in 1871, this organization has been influencing the politics and its power from the last 70's. The organization spent millions of million dollars per year behind the current Republican Party. They also affect some of the Democrats every year. For this reason, after any mass shooting, policemen are trying to end the discussion by blaming the shooter's mental health instead of imposing hardship on guns. Many people want to impose relaxation on the gun, saying that security will increase if there is a gun to everyone in society. Politicians are seen in the media to argue that if everyone has a gun, they will be risk-free without the use of danger in the face of danger.


Soon after the shooting of Parkland, Donald Trump called for the gun to hand over the gun to school teachers and said those who carry guns will be increased their salaries. In South Dakota, a bill passed in this regard has been passed

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