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Friday, June 1, 2018

Guantanamo Bay prison is not closed!

The notorious prison 'Guantanamo Bay' will not be closed. The President of the United States of America, Trump, has said that the prison is not closed as the world's Hell.

Trump in the State of the Union speech

Though the former US President Barack Obama's plan to close the prison, the trump has announced that it would continue the jail by refuting such a possibility.

Since 2001, Twin Towers has used Cuban Guantanamo Bay prison to detain suspects since the terrorist attacks. The US administration, whose names are called 'enemy fighter'. Here the detainees are kept free without trial. Currently there are 41 prisoners in this jail. Former President Barack Obama took strong action to stop the controversial prison. After taking office in 2008, Guantanamo Bay ordered the closure of the prison, but it was no longer possible because the US Congress opposed it. Now, the present president expressed a clear position not to stop directly.

In this speech, he said that North Korea is becoming increasingly threatening for the United States. Trump has announced to continue the anti-Islamic struggle in Iraq and Syria.

In the first State of the Union speech, he said,

"In the past, we have given up hundreds of horrible terrorists like fools. Among them there are many other IS leaders including Baghdadi. So today I am saving another promise. I signed a directive to Defense Minister Mattis, where the reinstatement of the military's detention policies and Guantanamo Bay prisons are in place. "

At the beginning of the speech in the US Congress, President Trump calls for unity. He said that the United States has entered the new era in its era. He claimed that better times were not created on American achievement. His claim, 'The United States has come out of the trap of unfair business for decades. Because of that, the money, wealth and people's work has been lost. In addition, the US President expressed his stern position over immigration again.

The prisoners are tortured horribly in prison

Guantanamo Bay Jail was established in 2002 after the 1/11 attack. Its position outside the mainland of the US. The notorious prison located in the US military base established in the lease area of ​​Cuba. Due to terrible, unimaginable torture, it is notorious. In the international media, incidents of horrific sexual abuse, mental torture, stuck in handcuffs, keeping in hot heat, kept at extremely low temperatures, stuck in the dark room, and creating strange human beings in strange ways. Human rights organizations in the world have always spoken for the closure

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