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Friday, June 1, 2018

"From Russia, with profit" - a Russian mafia

After reading the headline, you must think of the famous movie of the James Bond series in Russia's background, where Sean acted in a comedy act as a bond character. This movie is not a review of the movie, but there is some relation with the movie because just like the movie, today's writing with the Russian Mafia.

Mafia, after listening to the name of the ordinary people like us. Red gorgeous eyes, beautifully trimmed mustache, expensive cucumber in the face, fitted with dirty clothes and festive shades of shawl; We are accustomed to seeing this form of mafia in English and Tamil movies.

There are several mafia listed on Interpol in the subcontinent, including Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, but it is heard that the Russian Mafiaai or the whole world is ahead in all directions. To say that here is forward but not in the right way, it is better to keep going forward than to be meaningful and atrocious.
They are very proud to master the masterplan to kill the enemy or to kidnap someone on a daily basis. They even kill the important political figures of different countries in return for a lot of money.

The origins of the Russian Mafia but from the time of "Zaar" They were not the mafia, but the small bandits used to attack the oppressed feudal palaces or their property and plundered them. Keeping something for themselves from this looted wealth and giving the rest to the poor and never robbing them in a poor house. Even though the rulers of the Rabin-Hood type character were charmed by the regime, the mafia or robbers were very popular to the general public. Vorovskoy Mir or "The World of Thieves", a brotherhood organization formed in them, which was conducted by strict rules and custom codes. The fundamental principles of this organization were unimaginable to each other and not mixing with the government, based on these two "Moto" strong groups were formed that Vladimir Lenin himself could not suppress them.

Later, when the "Jarad" collapsed, during the Stalin era, the mafias were captured and sent to "Narratorial Prison" called "Gulag". There the influential Mafias build an organization called vory v zakone ("thieves-in-law").

When Hitler attacked Soviet during World War II, the Soviet government offered prisoners to the prisoners of war in government and they were asked to pay their exemption in return.
Many mafia agreed to the proposal and joined the war, but the number of mafia opposed to this proposal was not even low. The opponents of the opposing Mafia organization violate the order of the organization "Do not join hands with the government", because the participants of the war were expelled from the party or taken to the lower rank of the party. The expelled mafias were called "suki or kucuri".

Expedited mafias also make themselves a party, and after the war they get various benefits from the government. The clash between the two parties was inevitable and the infamous "Bitch War" was organized. From 1945 to 1951, many mafias died in this war, but police looked silently, because the Mafias themselves were killed in their fight, "snakes die but do not break the sticks".

After Stalin's death, nearly eight million gangsters were released from prison and they were "survivors of the Beach War" mafia. They all form different groups and former army officers also join these groups in the greed of money.

James Finckenauer, author of the article "Russian Mafia in America", wrote in his article that the Mafia family is not a brand ambassador, but they bring each member of their community from different fields. There are many posts in the Mafia Group and those office bearers perform certain duties for them.

The highest position in the Mafia family is "Pachan", called Boss or Papa, in Clan. He works with an intermediary called "Brigadier" and he is the last word.
In addition to sharing the work among the brigade of 5-6 people under the "Brigadier" or the mediator, he operates all kinds of work including collection of money.

People with this name in the name of "Darjatel Absthaqa", earn money from Brigadier and if necessary, ensure the security of their own in exchange for the liaison with the government. Used as a soldier or activist "Bratak", they perform all kinds of misdeeds like Brigadier's instructions.

The team acts as a temporary or free-lancer member of "Chestarka". Their main job is to collect news of any targets. They were later appointed as "Bratak" based on work skills and faithfulness.

These are all posts and so many people, to guard them or to spy on "spy". They always keep an eye on the subscribers and whenever a member tries to anchor the boss, immediately inform the boss.

The entire clan is then divided into four units, which is in the head "Fakkan" itself.

1. Elite Group's job is to plan under the boss - organizing and managing all the tasks.

2. The Support Group is powered by a spy, which monitors and collects working groups.

3. The job of the security group is to protect the team's security, and it is in charge of another spy. These two teams work in conjunction with Elite Group.

4. The lowest group is the working group, which consists of a thief, hijacker type man. They are basically doing terrorist activities.

Apart from all this, there is also the highest title "mass" which a Mafia earns with its competence, intellect, leadership, and personal charisma. The "footer" of the high-grade renders the mass designation according to the work.

Thus, the Russian Clan is one who can not do any work. There are about 6000 gangs in the whole of Russia, including Radina Gang, Georgian Mafia, Chechen Mafia, and Orekovskaya gang, and 200 of them work again internationally. None of these gangs were killed, murders, women's business, drug trade, abduction. There are allegations that the government of Russia has supported them for the deteriorating law and order situation and to create instability.

But in response to this allegation, Putin's answer is one, "all the American made words".

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