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Friday, June 1, 2018

Anisundar Hajia Sofia witnessed the history of thousands of years in Turkey!

A few decades ago, almost all of us are aware of why this tall tall building head is rising in Dubai. Natural resources oil has changed the country radically. Or think if the British did not come to our sub-continent then maybe there would not have been a bungalow type of building.

In fact, depending on the culture, history, politics and economy of a country, much depends on the architecture of a country; There is also the weather and technology.

There are very few important areas such as Turkey for geopolitical reasons. As Asia, Europe and Africa are always in the midst of these three continents, there has always been chaos with the power of this region. The trade between Asia and Europe can be controlled easily if this region is occupied very easily. So sometimes the Arab and again influenced by the influence of European architectural styles, a unique general architecture has been created in Turkey.

Turkey Hajia Sofia Neon light neon aloy
Turkey region connects Asia-Europe-Africa

The Turkish architecture and the 'evolution' of the words are quite similar. It is very difficult to say how many types of history are to wear in the style of Turkish architecture However, according to the knowledge, it started from a place called Gobekli Tepe almost 10-12 thousand years ago. If someone is surprised to see Egypt's pyramid, it is actually more surprised to hear it. In ten thousand BCE, how was it possible to create such an establishment after the ice age, it was difficult to figure out why some people who still hunted and collected pet rituals.

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A thousand-thousand year old religious establishment (left); Portraits made of stone (right)

Actually, the structure is nothing compared to today, some rounded stones, mainly made up of religious works. It is believed that these are the oldest religious structures ever built. There are over 20 buildings built around the whole area. And some of the stones have done such a perfect job that it is difficult to think that they are still learning farming.

Nearly four thousand after Gobakli Tip, a civilization named 'Hitites' was established at the end of the Bronze Age. The civilization that lasted almost five and a half years. 'Hetihusa' (Ḫattuša) was the capital of this civilization. Meanwhile, the people of this area have become accustomed to farming. So a beautiful society system is growing up there. Although initially they began to settle down on the top of the hill. But at the end they came down to the plane.

Turkey Hajia Sofia Neon light neon aloy
The main site (left-top), lion archway (left-bottom), the statue of the six-god (right), the spinners' arcade (bottom right)

Although the civilization began earlier, the capital city of Huitysar was started in 1700 BC, in the contemporary period of Egyptian civilization. So the impression of time is clear in the whole establishment; Such as spins and lion gates. And because of lack of stone in Turkey, most of the structures are made of stone.

Later on, various civilizations and various architectural styles emerged at different times. All of them know Troy. The Greek architecture named "Ephesus" is also found in Roman architecture. However, the most famous of all the history and architectural layers, was built as a church; Sometimes it was the mosque, and now the museum. Hajia Sophia is a major attraction for building tourists, but a surprise for the architects. It is urgent to say that 'Hajia Sofia' was created in some context before why it was surprising.

Turkey Hajia Sofia Neon light neon aloy
Hajia Sophia, the architect of which is seduced into the classical style

About five hundred years after the birth of Jesus Christ, Christianity has spread in different directions. But after the fire in Roman Empire in 64 CE, the emperor blamed the 'Nero' Christians, and banned this religion in the Roman Empire. From then on, it was forbidden to keep Christianity in public for almost 200 years in the Roman Empire. As a result, no establishment of Christian religion was seen at that time, neither church nor nor any cathedral. But in 330 AD the emperor Constantine moved away from his kingdom 'Byzantine' from Rome, and renamed it 'Constantinople'. Because of taking the Christian religion as its official religion, there is a large church. But the ancient Roman architecture that had been going on for so long, they did not want to take it directly. So, the new architecture created by mixing new technologies with Roman architecture is mainly the 'Byzantine architecture'.

Turkey Hajia Sofia Neon light neon aloy
Panthenon: The largest structure of the time kept with a thick wall

And the most notable feature of this Byzantine architecture is Hajia Sofia. Although the Byzantine architecture, the original inspiration of Hajia Sophia was the Roman Temple named 'Panthenon'. At that time, this temple was the largest dome. So, to make a surprise, the Emperor wanted to make bigger dome than him. But the problem is that the emperor did not want to lay down the thick walls for taking the weight of the Pantheon dome.

Turkey Hajia Sofia Neon light neon aloy
Hajia Sophia's three-dimensional replica (left), the weight of the dome holds just four columns (right)

How to create the highest height space with the lowest walls - that was the challenge of the architects. This is about 100 feet wide dome, after that they will have to keep it at 180 feet high! Therefore, the architects were forced to create new types of technology. Sh

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