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Friday, June 1, 2018

AB de Villiers, the rumor of the crooked prince of cricket!

Speed ​​Dane Steyn once said,

"I am scared before coming out to bowl in just two days a year, in the two matches I have played in IPL, I want to bowl AB".

Dale Steyn's fears, but not unknowingly, Steyn's 145 km / hour speed in the IPL, in an IPL match, scored an impressive 24 off with a fine six over the fine leg and third man.

Michael Vaughan said,

"What is the meaning of cricket genius, AB is such a person".

Proteas all-rounder AB de Villiers

Yes, I was talking about Proteus Prodigy AB de Villiers, for more than a decade, the man who entertained the whole world has entertained the entire cricket world. In that continuity, he could have had more time to keep up, but suddenly he withdrew from all international cricket like a proud prince. On 23 May, 2018, he announced his retirement, saying,

"I'm very tired. I'm really tired, I'm very tired. So I decided to stand aside. Thanks to the South Africa Cricket Board, always trusts me. Thanks, cricket fans, who always supported, were beside love ".

Goodbye AB de Villiers

Full name AB de Villiers, Abraham Benjamin de Villiers Interestingly, his father's name was Abraham BD Villiers. And his own son's name is Abraham. ABD was born on February 17, 1984 in Belle Bale, South Africa. For this, the jersey was set to number 17 (Test debut on 17 December). The youngest child of three parents of doctor's parents was also a doctor. Even for the science project, AB has received Prestige's Medal from National Nelson Mandela National level. Parents encouraged boys to play sports. His father's interest in sports has increased.

In addition to the numerous achievements, the amount of rumor in the market is not less than this cricket genius! At the time, in the name of Assamese, the different meats were introduced in the name of the compound, which increased day by day compounding rate. But before talking about those mithos, we have to know about his real achievements. Because whose achievement is so heavy, it is possible to spread all the rumors of the credible inhuman faith that people will believe in years!

AB de Villiers started playing for the Titans in 2003, and in the 2004 Northern Ireland club played in foreign players quota. In 2004, he was named in the national squad for the Test series with England. Everyone has anew on their own batting style and fielding. In ODIs against England in 2005, he made his debut.

AB de Villiers holds the fastest half-century (16th), Century (31st) and 150th (64th), against the West Indies in one-day internationals. It is in his possession that the fastest century in Test cricket and the half-century in T-Twenty for South Africa. ICC ODI Player of the Year has won three times (2010, 2014, 2015).

Not only on the country's jersey, but also in the league-based cricket, the name of a frustration for AB's batting bowlers, eye-tranquility for the visitors. His sporting shot does not mean any stereotype of cricket. In front of Steyn's dynamic force, he got the title with equal expertise, with six titles, "Mr. 360".

Starting from the opening of the bat, the finisher - showed equal competence everywhere. Royal Challengers Bangalore have played all the innings, even many times have snatched the Most Power Packed innings award. There are five hundredth partnership partnerships, two hundred and two partnership partnerships. South Africa played 418 matches, with 47 international centuries in hand. Batting averages and 50.66 and 53.50 in ODIs respectively.

At the same time, wicketkeeping gloves was also equally successful. Kapping has been stumping for 17 times in the country, and 463 catches without gloves or gloves.

And the idea that works is usually cricketer- a keyper can not bowl normally, he also breaks the idea. There are international wickets at stake. AB de Villiers, two in Test and seven ODIs, and 9 international wickets in all.

Interested in AB de Villiers, the second best batsman of the generation, Virat Kohli, said,

"It is possible to follow many batsmen, it is possible to play as many as possible but it is not possible".

As already mentioned, the number of rumors in the market with AB de Villiers is not less. It is not possible to spread such rumors after being in the international arena, because of the constant media coverage. So the rumors of his name have been stalked with the time before the start of his cricket career.

And the rumors AB-Villiers have directly rejected his autobiography "AB: The Autobiography" in the book.

Rumor 1: AB de Villiers was a 19-man badminton champion in South Africa.
AB says: " I have never played badminton in school. Remember, I played badminton only once in my life, with Mark Boucher (former South African wicketkeeper) after he (in the national team).

Rumor 2: AB de Villiers played for South African junior hockey team or shortlisted for the game.
AB says: "I played hockey for a year to stay in high school ... but never been shortlisted for a national level team, I was not even a good player like that".

Rumor 3: AB de Villiers was shortlisted for South African junior football team
AB says: " I have never played football in the same way. My football game is limited to kicks off at Tiffin Period during school and is limited to one-to-one game of the Warm-Up routine of the national team ".

Rumor 4: AB de Villiers was the captain of junior rugby team of South Africa.
AB says: " I have never played rugby for South Africa, captaincy is too far away!"

Rumor 5:  ABD Villiers had 6 national records for swimming at the school level.
AB says: " As far as I remember, at the time of Reading at Wambabhat Primary School, I had recorded Breastroj at the 9th level (only at that school). But no record has ever been made at the national level. "

Rumor 6:  AB de Villiers took the place in the junior Davis Cup squad.
AB says: "I used to love playing tennis very much during my childhood. From time to time, I have been number 1 in the age group. "

AB de Villiers has played the last Test against Australia on 3 April 2018 and the last ODI against India in February 16, 2016, on February 16th. Before the run out of the match against Bangladesh, he made 2988 runs in 78 innings, before any such innings could not remain unanswered. However, in 2007, he was criticized for being dropped out of the World Cup four times. But in the tournament he played 130-odd epic innings and recognized his own caste.

But despite not getting enough of this, AB de Villiers's unbeaten career will not be able to win a big trophy for South Africa in his country. But it can be said that it is impossible to find a place in the hand of a cricketer like him, perhaps the World Cup trumpet's incomplete. So, at the end of the 14-year-old eye-opener career, AB is a tragic hero, South African cricket's dutiful prince

Suddenly, De Villiers's decision to retire with the same shock and depressed cricketers. It is disappointing that many cricket fans are frustrated to see the batting tactics of the country's jersey and de Villiers. It is a matter of hope that the country's jersey clad will not be seen again, though he will be seen in different leagues. It is expected that the taste of milk can be reduced to a little bit, but fans of it.

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