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Friday, June 1, 2018

A brief history of the Vietnam War

Vietnam's war was a complex war in the history of world politics. Today is November 1st. This was the beginning of the Vietnam War, which took place from a regional conflict in 1955, after the Second World War, as the field of muscle power of global superpower.

The history of the Vietnam War developed in the early 1950's. From 1946 to 1954, the people of Vietnam fought for independence from the French colony. This war was called the first Indo-Pak war. At the end of this war, Vietnam is free from French rule. But Vietnam was divided into two parts namely north and south. In this division, the Nutri Party gets control of North Vietnam in socialist way. On the other hand, South-Vietnam gets anti-Socialist Party. Both North Vietnam regime began to try to build a united Vietnam by combining Vietnam and Vietnam. During this time, the United States began to intervene in North Vietnam's initiative. The United States thought that if both Vietnam came together and formed a strong socialist state, Then socialism would spread to other countries in Southeast Asia. And this formula will lose their dominance in that region and simultaneously increase the influence of Soviet Russia or China. From this thought, the United States started to assist the South Vietnamese government, although a large part of the common people of South Vietnam was adapting to the socialist regime. The South Government started repressive behavior towards socialist minded people. In protest, the movement started in South Vietnam.

In 1960, a group called 'National Liberation Front' was formed in order to overthrow the South Vietnamese government. Gradually this opposition became a war. After the Vietnam conflict in Vietnam for almost five years, the defeat of South Vietnam became clear. In 1965, the United States sent troops to prevent the collapse of South Vietnam government. As a result, this war took place in a prolonged war. Initially, the South American region of Vietnam can take possession of significant areas, but the left is facing the guerrilla attack. US soldiers suffered greatly.

After Nixon became President of the United States in 1968, US atrocities increased in Vietnam. This time American soldiers started genocide. In this war, the US Air Force introduced NAPAM bombs, introduces extreme atrocities. On March 16 of this year, the US Army carried out massacre at the Mai Lai Village in South Vietnam. It is estimated that about five hundred people were killed this time.

The US soldiers have failed to bring the war under the brutal guerrillas and torture of common people. In order to get out of this war, the United States tries to find an honorable way through negotiations. With this goal, many meetings were held secretly and secretly between 1969 and 1973, with the socialist fighters. An attempt was made to reach a conclusion through discussions from February 1970 to February. At this time, on behalf of Vietnam, Juan Thu, Lee Dak Ho and US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger discussed.

As a consequence of these meetings, peace agreement was signed in Paris on 23 January 1973. The two parties reached agreement on the release of the US prisoners in 80 days, the ceasefire, and the general election in South Vietnam. Although peace agreement was signed on January 23, war was still in some areas. Meanwhile, the United States withdrew their troops on March 29th. But bombing northern Vietnam was continuing. According to this, both parties violate ceasefire. In 1973, until May and June, Kissinger and Tho were making efforts to overcome the peace treaty. On June 13, 1973, The United States and North Vietnam jointly sign a plan to implement the full agreement of the Paris Treaty. Under the Communist regime, two Vietnams were merged in 1975. In 1976, it officially holds the name of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Around 32 million Vietnamese people died in this war. With this, more than 10-15 lakhs Lao and Cambodian people are also victims of this war. And about 58 thousand soldiers were killed for the Americans.

The seventh fleet was used during the Vietnam War. In particular, this fleet was operated by air strikes inside Vietnam. In Vietnam's hilly jungle, supplying troops, providing soldiers' services, are used specifically to strike anywhere, around 12,000 helicopters of various types . Of course, about 5,000 helicopters were destroyed by Vietnamese guerrillas.

42 years after the war, Vietnam still can not forget the American barbarism The face of the US administration is still hated by the memory of the Vietnamese. In the name of modernization, the United States carried out the killing of the United States with the sake of democracy, maybe Vietnam could forget it, but history will never forget.

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