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Friday, June 1, 2018

8888 Bloody history of the coup

Myanmar (Burma) was the world's longest permanent military regime 2 years ago. In spite of having adequate natural resources, the country has never been able to come out in economic equality since the beginning of military rule in 1962. This was seen in 2010 only after wearing freedom of speech, political rights of the people, and wearing military rule. But according to many, if there is no possibility of practicing good democracy in Myanmar's context, if it can not learn from the dark sections of the past.

A huge part of the dark history is 8/8/88 days. On this day of 1988, a coup began with the demand for democracy, which resulted in military action taken on September 18 of the same year. This movement is known as '8888 coup' in history.

At that time, Burton Levin was the US Ambassador to Myanmar. According to him, "Win government was not in power due to the fear of Burmese people. The common man was afraid to take his name. In the summer of '88, people broke their cows and they came down the street. "
According to the then student leaders, "There is no guarantee of employment after our education. Our generation has misled our military rule. "

neon aloy 8888 coup in neon light

The coup of '88 began on May 9th. Students protested against the misuse of police and administrative power in the dispute between Rangun Engineering School students and surrounded the police camp. In response, 500 police were deployed and one student died. In the context of the revolutionary trend that was born on 8/8/88, on the streets in the name of people's dhulal. Burmese people burst out in protest Protests that continue throughout the country After 20 years Myanmar's people started dreaming of independence. The streets blocked by blocking this nation deprived of their right to express their feelings. The army fired on protesters at 12pm that day. It was not possible to slow down the movement. Rather, Buddhist monks and housewives are seen to participate in the demand of democracy.

Myanmar needs good leadership when it comes to forming a political movement from student movement. Aung San Suu Kyi, daughter of freedom movement leader Aung San Suu Kyi, joined the movement on the request of student leaders. In his speech on August 26, the expected leader of Myanmar's democratic movement emerged. The following year Nine Win handed power. But protesters did not calm down. In September, all administrative activities were postponed. On September 18, the army announced the new regime and imposed Section 144. The day's program started from the army. In private estimates, 3,000 protesters died in this military crackdown and were arrested in more than 3,000 prisons. An estimated 10,000 revolutionaries left Myanmar.

In 1988, the elections were announced in the 1990s. In the free and fair elections, Suu Kyi wins 80% of the seats. But the military government foiled the elections and sued them to Suu Kyi. He was under house arrest till 2010. In the 2015 election, he took part in the presidential election. Many of the students participating in the 1988 revolution crossed the last 30 years of imprisonment or exile. Many people meet Rangoon every year in remembrance of freedom struggle.

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